BlackBerry Messenger Running on Android and iPhone

There are interesting rumors that mentioned Research In Motion (RIM) is planning BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) App to be run on Android smartphone and iPhone.

BlackBerry Messenger running on Android and iPhone devices? (Image: Intomobile)
“BGR has learned from multiple trusted sources that Research In Motion is planning to bring its beloved BlackBerry Messenger app and service to Android, and eventually to iOS as well. According to our sources, RIM has not yet finalized details surrounding timing or pricing, but we have heard that the company might make the software free to all users. We’re also told strategy is still being developed, however, and RIM may end up charging users a one-time fee or even a recurring fee for access to its BBM service on third-party platforms.”
“You might have heard that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be able to run Android apps, but what about the other way around - what if Android ran BlackBerry apps? Rumour has it that this is exactly what’s happening; RIM is supposedly aiming to bring the legendary BlackBerry Messenger client to not only Android, but the iPhone and iPad’s iOS down the line as well.”

If the rumors about the BlackBerry Messenger can be running on Android and iPhone device is true, it would be good news for fans of BlackBerry, Android and the iPhone because it can communicate via BlackBerry Messenger with different platforms.
Source : These rumors I quote from and also

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