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If not already installed on the device at time of purchase, the BlackBerry® Messenger service must be downloaded to your BlackBerry device from First time users of BlackBerry Messenger must specify a display name that identifies them to the other users. They must also create a password. For more information, refer to the BlackBerry Messenger User Guide.

After creating a display name and password, the BlackBerry Messenger user is automatically logged in when the BlackBerry device is turned on and connected to the wireless network.

Change Your Display Name

To change the display name, do the following:

1. From the Home screen, select BlackBerry Messenger.
2. On the Contact List screen, click the trackwheel or trackball.
3. Click Edit My Info.
4. Edit the display name, and click OK.

Set Notification Options

The BlackBerry Messenger user can set notification options, such as vibrate or tone, for BlackBerry Messenger in the Profiles list. Enabling the Messenger-Alert notifiation option in your Profile settings notifies you when a contact that you have set an availablity alert for becomes available.

Enabling the Messenger-New Message notification option notifies you when a new instant message arrives.

To set a notification profile, do the following:

1. From the Home screen, select Profiles > Advanced.
2. In the Profiles list, click on a profile.
3. Click Edit.
4. Click on a notification option.
5. Click Edit
6. To set the desired options, click the trackwheel or trackball, select Change Option, and select the desired parameters.
7. Click the trackwheel or trackball, and click Save.

Availability Status

1. From the Home screen, select BlackBerry Messenger.
2. Click the trackwheel or trackball while on the Contact List screen.
3. Select My Status. The statuses to choose from are Available (will allow incoming messages to be received) or Unavailable (prevents message from being received)
4. Select the desired status, and if applicable, enter a message in the Message: field.
5. Click OK.

Note: The busy icon will occur if a BlackBerry device user is engaged in other BlackBerry activity, such as using the keys or trackwheel or trackball, and the unreachable icon will appear if the contact is out of sufficient wireless coverage or using the phone

Set an Availability Alert

To receive an indication when a contact is available, do the following:

1. From the Home screen, select BlackBerry Messenger.
2. Click on an unavailable contact on the Contact List screen.
3. Click Set Alert to turn on an availability alert.
4. To turn off an availability alert, click Clear Alert.

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